TradingView: A Go-To Tool for Crypto Traders

TradingView is a web platform that provides users with a convenient interface for analysis of financial markets using the use of charts and indicator.

What is TradingView?

In the world of trading, TradingView is available in many versions: both online and as mobile and desktop applications. The platforms. In addition, the platform allows crypto-traders and any user to exchange trading ideas. The platform is also used by users for discussing global economic markets, as well as to get familiar with technical analysis tools.

Since the start of trading, TradingView has over 550 million registered users who managed to create millions of trading strategies and share different information. The number of registered users in this site is more than 550 million. Anyone with a level of experience or technical knowledge can use TradingView for getting information and information about financial markets. In terms of trading, TradingView is more like a social network for people who are interested in trading. It is a cloud platform for communication with other users and chart analysis. has tools for creating charts, setting alerts and much more.

Why is TradingView popular among crypto traders?

TradingView becomes one of the most popular platforms for collecting information about the financial market. In the past 10 years, it has been around for about 10 years and covers over 400 markets. For free and paid versions, the platform has both free and paid versions. Free version of the software has a limitation in its functions. It allows you to use only some plots and one or two charts. Also, free version allows access to global data and much more.

Paid version allows you to access the most advanced tools, such as charting tools, technical indicators and many other features. According to the fact that the number of active users is constantly increasing, it proves its great popularity among crypto traders.

There are several reasons why crypto traders love TradingView so much:

  • TradingView allows you to create charts to track a specific stock or set up multiple charts to track different stocks.
  • On the platform, you can get alerts to know about certain conditions that may not meet users’ criteria
  • On the platform, you can define your criteria to find the perfect stock.

To use the huge potential of TradingView, it is recommended to buy an paid plan. They allow customized analysis and the ability to create custom charts and indicator.
The trading platform TradingView is an attractive platform for beginners, since it gives you the opportunity to practice stock trading. Crypto and forex traders can trade without real money to hone their skills. Their trading is possible without using real money to learn their skills.

In addition, tradingView has a large community of active traders, that is a goldmine for people who are looking to learn about the market and get information on it. A lot can be learned by using the experience of active traders on the platform.

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