Trading Tournaments: Competitive Crypto Trading

Trading tournaments are special cryptocurrency trading campaigns organized by cryptocurrency exchanges that encourage users to trade more to win rewards such as tokens, hardware wallets and more.

What are Trading Tournaments?

Trading tournaments are one of the most popular ways to profit from your cryptocurrency assets. They are unique cryptocurrency trading events organized by spot and derivative crypto exchanges, providing traders with a unique way to test their knowledge of the cryptocurrency market and rewarding them for their skill.

Since the crypto industry is highly competitive and new platforms and innovations are constantly emerging, trading platforms organize trading tournaments to attract new users and motivate them to trade

Such tournaments are held with specific requirements and in different formats. Each of them is designed to hone a user’s skill and promote new trading techniques and tactics. In general, trading tournaments involve speculating on price movements of selected cryptocurrencies as well as buying and selling base coins through an authorized exchange or CFD (Contract for Difference) trading account.

Although rules and rewards may vary, cryptocurrency tournaments typically reward traders with the highest volume of trade of a particular coin/token during the tournament.

Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of global cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Bybit, has eight years of forex experience at forex broker XM as a general manager in the Greater China region. Back in 2016, Ben began to take a keen interest in cryptocurrencies. By 2017, he launched a YouTube channel to educate users about the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency. Combining the best aspects of traditional finance and cryptocurrencies, Ben created Bybit in 2018, which is now one of the top three derivatives exchanges in the world.

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