Exploring Crypto Marketplaces: Trading Digital Assets

Market – is area or arena, online and ofline, where commercial transactions take place.

What is market?

In the market buyers and sellers get together. In cryptocurrencies, we are talking about the purchase and sale of digital assets.

The market determines the price of a cryptocurrency or asset. The more buyers and sellers there are, the more liquid the market is.

Similarly, the same is true for market with perfect competition. In perfect competition, the most important characteristic of perfect competition is high level liquidity and transaction volumes.

In the price of a product, it depends on demand and supply. Demand is first determined by seller, demand is first and buyers determine supply. In an ideal competition market, the ability to set prices at discount or markup is reduced. The balance of supply and demand can be affected by other variables. This is technological innovation, regulatory and other factors. The largest liquid market in the world is the forex trading. As it turns out, the cryptocurrency market is considered volatile.

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