Security Measures in Crypto: Safeguarding Digital Assets

Security is an exchangeable and tradable financial instrument that carries a type of monetary value.

What is Security?

Securities refer to an interchangeable, tradable financial instrument that carries some form of underlying value. According to the concept, a security involves an investment and an expectation of return. In the digital economy, many tokens are considered securities, but do not contain the usual elements of a security.

Securitization is an opportunity to package cash proceeds from assets, including liabilities, and sell them to investors. That way, asset owners get access to liquidity and investors get access to value.

Traditional securities are created with it. It also has to do with some of the uses of securities tokens and some of the more advanced digital asset financing processes that are emerging in NFT and DeFi. As a result of securitization, it opens up opportunities for investors and frees up capital for originators (i.e., the company that owns the assets), which helps increase liquidity in the market.

Collateral tokens are used to hold assets fractionally. They provide an effect similar to traditional securitization in that they allow owners of illiquid assets to access their investments. However, they are typically used to fractionalize the value of a high-value asset rather than to combine the value of multiple low-value assets.

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