How to Buy Trust Wallet Token

Trust Wallet (TWT) cryptocurrency ranks at 170 place by capitalization. It’s 13 June 2024 on $461,097,914 year. Circulating supply: 416,649,900. Maximum supply – N/A. The price of TWT for today – $1.110 with trading volume of $9,715,331 for 24 hours. The maximum price of Trust Wallet was registered on 11 December 2022 year and was – $2.720. The lowest price of TWT, $0.0027764, was registered on 9 June 2020.
Trust Wallet (TWT)
$1.110 -3.60% ↓
24h price change
-0.040000 $
24h trading volume
on the official website

How to Buy Trust Wallet Token Price in USD: Convert to US Dollar

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on the official website
Data updated 6/13/2024

    The main goal of developing Trust Wallet Token (TWT) cryptocurrency is to encourage active users of Trust Wallet and the development of the TW community.

    In this article, experts will tell you what Trust Wallet Token is and how to buy it on a crypto exchange.

    What is Filecoin Trust Wallet Token (TWT)

    Trust Wallet (TWT) is the native token of the Trust Wallet crypto wallet. It originally launched on Ethereum blockchain in March 2020 and then has been restarted twice: the first time as a BEP-2 asset on Binance Chain and then as an BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain. Later, developers launched TWT on the Solana platform as an SPL standard token.

    Trust Wallet is a mobile crypto wallet that allows users to buy, store, exchange and earn popular digital assets. The wallet supports many different cryptocurrencies and provides access to decentralized applications (dApps).

    Key benefits for TWT owners:

    • Voting for integration of new wallet options and functions;
    • Using TWT in DeFi projects;
    • Discounts for purchase of cryptocurrency.

    The maximum of tokens defined at the level of 1 billion TWT. According to official sources, the distribution of coins is as follows: 40% of coins set aside for attracting users, 15% for TW community, 30% go to the reserve fund and 15% to developers.

    Where to Buy Trust Wallet Token (TWT)?

    The best way to buy TWT is on crypto exchanges. They have many advantages when trading digital assets: high liquidity, advantageous exchange rate, a lot of trading pairs, security of using, etc.

    Top exchanges with Trust Wallet Token:

    BTC trading volume, 24h
    BTC trading volume, 24h
    BTC trading volume, 24h
    BTC trading volume, 24h
    BTC trading volume, 24h
    BTC trading volume, 24h

    Read also: Best crypto exchanges.

    Trust Wallet Token Step-By-Step Buying Guide

    Buying Trust Wallet Token on the exchange includes several steps featured below:

    1. Assess the Personal Level of Risk

    Cryptocurrencies are high-risk assets, so it is important to consider risks before investing in them. Unexpected changes in market sentiment can lead to sudden price movements or potential losses. Therefore, follow the basic rules: invest only your own funds, allocate a separate amount of money for trading, the loss of which will not hit your budget too much, do not put all your money into one asset and so on.

    2. Select a Crypto Exchange

    Trading platforms differ in the level of security, reliability, liquidity, etc. Therefore, before creating an account, you need to do research and choose the most suitable offer for yourself.

    3. Create Your Account

    Here we will show you how to register an account on Binance – the largest exchange in the world.

    1. Go to Binance official website;
    2. Click Register and choose the way you want to register: via email or by phone number;
      How to buy Trust Wallet Token TWT
      Starting registration on Binance
    3. Enter your email or phone number, create a strong password, accept the Terms of ServiceCreate Personal Account;
      Continue registration on Binance
      Continue signing up on Binance
    4. Verify email and phone number by entering the code that will be sent to your phone or e-mail. After email verification, registration will be completed.
    In order to trade on Binance, you must complete Basic or Advanced Identity Verification. The difference between verification levels is the higher withdrawal limits and greater trading opportunities.

    4. Top Up Your Account

    Let’s see how to fund your Binance account with USDT stablecoin. For this:

    1. Select Wallet → Fiat and Spot in your account;
      Deposit on Binance
      Top up Binance account
    2. Select USDT as transffered coin, press Deposit;
      Select USDT to top up
      Selecting USDT
    3. Select the transaction network (eg ERC20). Make sure the selected network matches the network in the wallet you are withdrawing coins from. If you choose the wrong network, you will lose money;
    4. Paste the received address into your wallet address field, complete the transfer and check the receipt of coins.
      USDT Address
      USDT Address

    5. Buy Trust Wallet Token (TWT)

    Let’s consider purchase of Trust Wallet Token for USDT on the Binance spot market in more details:

    1. Select Trade tab, click Spot in the drop down list;
      Binance Spot Market
      Binance spot market
    2. Select a trading pair (for example, TWT/USDT);
      TWT/USDT trading pair
      TWT/USDT trading pair
    3. Fill out the order form: select type of order (for example, Market), enter the amount of USDT to buy the coin and click Buy TWT.
      Purchase TWT on Binance
      Buying TWT on Binance

    How to Sell Trust Wallet Token?

    To sell Trust Wallet Token, follow the same sequence of actions as when buying, but you need to specify amount and click Sell TWT on the right side of the screen.

    TWT Sale
    Selling TWT

    How to Store Trust Wallet Token (TWT)?

    There are hot and cold wallets suitable for storing TWT. We recommend checking out the following services:

    • Trust Wallet is a multi-currency mobile crypto wallet and browser extension that gives users access to a wide range of digital assets and has a built-in DEX. Trust Wallet joined Binance in 2018 and now it is the exchange’s official crypto wallet. Users can send, receive and stake cryptocurrencies from their smartphone. With Trust Wallet you can buy bitcoin in less than 5 minutes;
    • Atomic Wallet is a multi-currency crypto wallet. Users control their own private keys. The wallet allows you to manage 300+ coins and tokens, exchange 100+ cryptocurrencies with 1% cashback, buy more than 30+ assets with a bank card, stake 10+ coins with an annual yield of up to 20%;
    • Ledger is a hardware wallet in the form of a flash drive that connects to your computer. The storage and use of cryptocurrency in this wallet are highly secure.
    Read also: Top crypto wallets.

    How to withdraw Trust Wallet Token to my wallet?

    Consider withdrawing process of TWT cryptocurrency from the exchange Binance to Trust Wallet mobile wallet:

    1. Select Wallet, press Fiat and Spot;
      Begin withdrawal from Binance
      Withdrawal from Binance
    2. Click TWT in the search form and then click Withdraw;
      Select TWT
      Select TWT
    3. Select the preferred network for transfer, for example, BSC (the network must match the network of the receiving wallet, otherwise you will lose coins);
      Transfer Network
      Choosing network
    4. Select TWT coin in Trust Wallet coin list;
      TWT in Trust Wallet
    5. Click Receive, copy received TWT address;
      TWT address in TW
      TWT address in Trust Wallet
    6. Go to the withdrawal form of the exchange and paste copied address in the Address field → confirm the transaction. Check the receipt of money in the wallet.
      Output Details
      Withdrawal details


    What is Trust Wallet Token (TWT)?
    Trust Wallet Token (TWT) is the utility token of the Trust Wallet application. It is used to reward and grant privileges to Trust Wallet users.
    Where can I buy Trust Wallet Token crypto?
    Every big exchange has TWT among the list of coins it provides. You can use Binance, Bybit,MEXC or any other top exchange to buy this coin.
    Is it good to buy Trust Wallet Token now?
    Trust wallet token can be a good investment if you use Trust Wallet and want to take advantage of token holders. However, when investing in cryptocurrencies you should be aware of the risk: the price can go up or down and your investment can be lost.
    What wallet stores Trust Wallet Token (TWT)?
    The best way to store the token is in its native wallet Trust Wallet, but you can use any other wallet supporting TWT (for example, Atomic Wallet). The most secure storage option would be a hardware wallet like Ledger.
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