Atomic Wallet Review 2024

    Atomic Wallet is a non-custodial multi-currency crypto wallet that supports 300+ coins and tokens. The main feature of the wallet is its decentralized exchange mechanism called Atomic Swap, after which the wallet is named.

    Unlike custodial vaults, which transfer control of private keys to a third party, a non-custodial wallet gives the user full access to private keys and funds.

    Atomic Wallet allows you to store, send, receive, exchange, buy and deposit cryptocurrencies directly in the app.

    Atomic wallet features:

    • No KYC;
    • Built-in exchange;
    • Staking coins;
    • Cashback for native token holders;
    • 24/7 support;

    The Atomic wallet review will help you understand if it fits you and how to use it.

    History Of Atomic Wallet

    Atomic wallet was founded in 2017 by Konstantin Gladych, the former co-founder and CEO of the well-known crypto platform Changelly. Charlie Shrem (former vice chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation) works as the company’s strategic advisor. The company’s headquarters is located in Estonia.

    Atomic Wallet offers a user-friendly interface, reliability and a high degree of security. It features by having exchange and of the function staking 13 coins (Cardano, Solana, Tezos, Tron, etc).

    Creating And Registering Atomic Wallet

    To get started, you need to download the app and create a wallet. Follow the instructions below:

    1. Go to Atomic Wallet official website and click the Download button;
      Atomic wallet official site
      Atomic wallet official website
    2. Download the application for the selected operating system: WIndows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora (our example shows creating a wallet for Windows OS);
      Select operating system
      Selecting an operating system
    3. Create a new wallet by clicking the New Wallet button;
      Creating a wallet
      Creating a wallet
    4. Create a strong password and confirm it, press Set Password;
      Creating of a password
    5. Write down or copy the 12-word recovery phrase;
      Save mnemonic phrase
      Saving a seed-phrase
    6. Press Open Wallet, then the application will redirect you to the wallet.
    Identity verification is not required to work with the wallet. Verification will be required at Simplex and ShapeShift wallet partner services.

    Security Settings

    The wallet includes the following security features:

    • Confidential information (private keys and passphrase) stored locally on the user’s device and protected by strong encryption algorithm;
    • Access to the wallet and all its functions requires a password;
    • Personal information about user is not stored in Atomic Wallet. This means that only the owner has access to the private keys and funds.

    Atomic Wallet generates a 12-word seed-phrase upon initial wallet setup. The recovery phrase (also seed or mnemonic phrase) is used to generate private keys that are immediately encrypted on the user’s device. Thus, because of the use of a mnemonic phrase, the user controls the private keys. This is the most important part of the security inside the wallet.

    Atomic Wallet payments are supported by Simplex, a third-party crypto-fintech solution. Simplex is EU licensed, offers high conversion services, and ensures the safety of users' funds.

    How To Use Atomic Wallet

    The basic functions of the wallet include: deposit, exchange and withdrawal. Let’s consider them in more detail.

    Wallet Replenishment

    Let’s show wallet replenishment using the example of transferring cryptocurrency from the Binance exchange. For this:

    1. Open the personal account of the Binance exchange;
    2. Select Wallet → Fiat and Spot;
      Start withdrawal from exchange
      Starting withdrawal from exchange
    3. Select a coin (eg USDT) and click Withdraw;
      Coin selection
      Coin selection
    4. Specify the network for transfer, making sure that the networks on the exchange and in the receiving wallet are matching;
      Select network
      Network selection
    5. Open Atomic Wallet;
    6. Select the cryptocurrency in the crypto wallet that was specified in the output field on the exchange, in our case USDT;
      Choose cryptocurrency
      Cryptocurrency choosing
    7. Click Receive, after which the system will display address and QR-code;
      Get USDT address
      Getting USDT address
    8. Copy USDT address;
      Copy USDT
      Copy USDT address
    9. Insert the received address in Address line in the withdrawal form on the exchange → confirm the transaction;
      Enter wallet address
      Entering the wallet address
    10. Complete the transaction and check if the payment got to your Atomic Wallet.

    Cryptocurrency Exchange

    To exchange cryptocurrency in Atomic Wallet, follow these steps:

    1. Open wallet;
    2. Click Exchange on the left sidebar;
      Start exchange
      Starting exchange
    3. The operation will be processed within 5-20 minutes.

    Withdraw Process

    To withdraw funds from the Atomic wallet to an exchange (we took Binance as an example), follow these steps:

    1. Open your exchange account → Wallet → Fiat and Spot;
      Withdraw funds
      Starting withdraw process
    2. Select the coin you want to transfer from your wallet to the exchange, for example, USDT and click on the Deposit tab;
      Choosing a coin on the exchange
      Selecting a coin on the exchange
    3. Copy address;
      USDT Binance Address
      USDT Binance Address
    4. Select USDT in wallet and click Send;
      Selecting of USDT in wallet
    5. Insert exchange wallet address into the Atomic Wallet address field, specify number of coins to withdraw and click Send;
      Withdraw money to the exchange
      Withdrawing money to the exchange
    6. Check the receipt of money in the exchange wallet.

    Import Account And Connect Hardware Wallets

    The application does not provide the ability to import or migrate existing private keys to Atomic Wallet. You can create a new wallet and manually transfer all your funds to the newly created addresses. The team plans to implement an import feature in the future.

    The wallet does not currently have built-in integration with hardware wallets such as Trezor or Ledger.

    Atomic Wallet Fees

    There is no fee when using Atomic Wallet to store cryptocurrencies. But for some functions, the service takes a commission:

    • Buying of digital assets: Atomic Wallet charges a flat fee of 2% for processing cryptocurrency purchases, with a minimum of $10 per transaction;
    • Debit/Credit card payments: If you buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currency, the fee depends on bank issued your credit/debit card. It can reach 5% or even more depending on the bank.

    Before making any purchase of crypro, the user should check up the amount of cryptocurrency that he will receive (including all commissions). This information is displayed in the wallet in the Buy crypto section.

    Please note that when making transactions with cryptocurrency, a network fee is charged. The amount of such fees varies and depends on the blockchain and its current workload.

    Additional Features Of Atomic Wallet

    In addition to the main functions, Atomic Wallet offers users additional income opportunities: cashback and staking.


    1. Atomic has cashback program. Cashback is paid once a month, i.е. not immediately after the exchange or purchase of cryptocurrency, but approximately in the middle of the next month;
      Cashback Program
      Cashback program page
    2. The amount of cashback depends on the level of participation of user. It is limited to $150 for the Blue tier, $300 for the Silver tier, $450 for the Gold tier, and $900 for the Platinum tier. The level of participation depends on whether the user has AWC tokens or not. In general, a users can receive up to 1% cashback for owning AWC or 0.25% if they are not a coin holder.
      Cashback levels
      Cashback levels
    3. Cashback is credited only for all completed exchanges and purchases of cryptocurrency. If the transaction fails for any reason, it will not be counted towards the total cashback.

    Decentralized Staking

    Staking is a type of passive income that implies purchase of cryptocurrency and its subsequent blocking in the blockchain network to verify transactions.

    Atomic Wallet staking yields varies from 0.63% to 20% per annum. The reward is paid to the account in cryptocurrency (staking conditions are individual for each coin). The blocking period is 1-40 days. The minimum deposit for various coins ranges from $0.1 to $40 in cryptocurrency equivalent.


    To earn on Atomic staking:

    1. Open Staking section and select coin, for example TRX, press Buy;
      Select coin to stake
      Selecting a staking coin
    2. Click on the Stake TRX button in the next opened window;
      TRX Staking
      Staking TRX
    3. Enter the number of coins and click Stake.
      TRX Staking
      Staking TRX

    Staking Supported Currencies

    Staking is used for coins with PoS consensus algorithm. Atomic Wallet currently offers 13 coins for staking: Cardano, Solana, Tezos, Tron and more.

    Staking coins
    Coins available for staking

    Atomic Wallet Token (AWC)

    Atomic Wallet has a native coin – Atomic Wallet Token (AWC). AWC is an ERC-20 token that can be purchased on the Binance DEX, Uniswap, IDEX exchanges. In addition, you can get AWC by participating in Airdrop, Affiliate or Bounty campaigns.

    Having an AWC in your wallet provides several benefits:

    • Discount on exchange commission;
    • Cashback;
    • Affiliate, bounty and accumulative rewards;
    • Voting for upcoming projects to be added to the platform. Once a certain number of votes has been reached, the new coin will become available for buying.
    AWC Token
    AWC Token


    On the Atomic Wallet website you can find educational materials and news.


    Atomic Wallet Academy provides users with content organized by topic to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

    Atomic Academy
    Atomic Academy


    In the Atomic Wallet blog, you can read the latest news and learn about crypto wallet updates.

    Atomic Blog
    Atomic Wallet blog

    Atomic Wallet Mobile Application

    Atomic Wallet has a mobile app for Android (the iOS version is currently not available on the App Store). The mobile app has the same features as the desktop version.

    Atomic Wallet mobile version


    Atomic Wallet has a help center where users can find answers to questions about buying cryptocurrency, exchanging, and more. If the question is not presented on the site, you can write to the support service directly: [email protected].

    The Atomic Wallet team can also be contacted via social platforms: Twitter, Telegram and YouTube.

    Help Center
    Help center options

    Advantages and Disadvantages

    Atomic Swap decentralized exchange engine that supports 300+ different cryptocurrencies;
    No KYC required to work with the wallet;
    Easy to set up and use;
    Private keys are encrypted and stored on the user's device;
    The software is compatible with almost all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, Linux and iOS devices;
    It is possible to buy cryptocurrencies directly from the wallet;
    Cashback for AWS token holders.
    No integration with hardware wallets;
    List of supported cryptocurrencies is limited;
    Atomic Wallet charges a flat fee of 2% + network fees per transaction for the purchase of cryptocurrencies;
    Bank fees for credit/debit card processing can be as high as 5% when buying cryptocurrency with fiat.

    Atomic Wallet Reviews

    At Trustpilot you can find positive and negative reviews on the wallet, but the overall rating is quite high.

    Trustpilot reviews
    Trustpilot reviews

    Positive reviews feature:

    • Good support service;
    • Security;
    • User friendly interface;
    • Simple settings;
    • Fast transactions.

    The negative reviews noted:

    • Commissions for buying cryptocurrency in a wallet;
    • High minimum limit for buying cryptocurrency;
    • Software failures when getting through authentication on smartphones.


    What Is Atomic Wallet?
    Atomic Wallet is a cross-platform software wallet that supports storage of hundreds of cryptocurrencies and a built-in Atomic Swap system.

    Atomic Swap feature allows users to convert one cryptocurrency to another without leaving their wallet or using a centralized exchange.

    How Does Atomic Wallet Work?
    Atomic Wallet is a decentralized crypto wallet. This means that only the user owns their private keys and back-up phrase. The Atomic Wallet team does not have access to users
    Which Networks Does Atomic Wallet Support?
    Supports 300+ coins and tokens: Bitcoin, Solana, Polkadot, EOS, TRON and more.
    What Are The Risks Of Using Atomic Wallet?
    The biggest risk with Atomic Wallet is to lose your recovery phrase. Do not share your mnemonic phrase or your private keys with anyone.
    What Are The Fees For Atomic Wallet?
    There is a flat fee for buying cryptocurrencies at 2% (minimum $10 per transaction). When buying cryptocurrency with a bank card, the commission of the card issuing bank can be about 5%. There are also network fees, which vary depending on the specific blockchain network.


    Atomic Wallet is designed with security, convenience and decentralization in mind. The application provides the ability to buy, sell, exchange and stake cryptocurrencies directly from the wallet. Atomic Wallet supports 300+ coins and tokens as well as staking for 13 coins. Desktop and mobile version available.

    Wallet does not keep any user's personal information. Private keys and other data are stored encrypted on the user's device. The security of the assets is entirely up to the owner of the funds.

    The wallet has its own AWC token, which gives certain benefits to its holders. The team offers real-time 24/7 customer support.

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