How to Buy CryptoGPT (GPT)

LayerAI (LAI) cryptocurrency ranks at 1441 place by capitalization. It’s 12 June 2024 on $7,627,861 year. Circulating supply: 318,000,000. Maximum supply – 3,000,000,000. The price of LAI for today – $0.023973 with trading volume of $12,821,040 for 24 hours. The maximum price of LayerAI was registered on 17 March 2023 year and was – $0.14746. The lowest price of LAI, $0.006061, was registered on 15 October 2023.
LayerAI (LAI)
$0.023973 -20.12% ↓
24h price change
-0.0048566 $
24h trading volume
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How to Buy CryptoGPT (GPT) Price in USD: Convert to US Dollar

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Data updated 6/11/2024

    Because of artificial intelligence (AI) popularity cryptocurrency projects related to this technology began to attract the attention of traders and investors. CryptoGPT is a good example of a cryptocurrency startup using AI. According to developers, the project is designed to revolutionize the user data market.

    How to buy CryptoGPT GPT
    Official CryptoGPT website

    In this article, TGDRating experts consider where it is better to buy a native coin of the GPT project, what risks may accompany its purchase, and what is the best way to store purchased coins.

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    What is CryptoGPT (GPT)?

    CryptoGPT is a second-level blockchain based on Ethereum (there is a plan to launch it on Binance Smart Chain in the future). CryptoGPT offers users to earn money by selling their own data, which are used to train artificial intelligence in various fields of activity.

    Data collection is organized in form of NFT tokens, which are minted by the user. The received tokens are processed by the Data-to-AI Engine and packaged for sale in the global data marketplace. To protect information, ZK-Rollup technology (zero-knowledge proof) is used, which allows you to hide the identity of the user.

    The project plans to eliminate free transfer of data from users to large corporations (Facebook, Amazon, etc.) and allow users to earn on this information.

    The technology is planned to be used in various areas: logistics, advertising, medicine, AI development, education, biotech, tourism and so on.

    GPT coin is an internal blockchain coin used for transaction fees, staking and governance within the project’s DAO.

    Where to Buy CryptoGPT (GPT)?

    CryptoGPT (GPT) can be bought on decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Uniswap and Pancakeswap are among large decentralized platforms, supporting the purchase of coins, while centralized platforms where GPT is available include MEXC, Bybit and Gate (more exchanges will support GPT in the future).

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    CryptoGPT Step-By-Step Buying Guide

    There is a step-by-step guide to buying GPT on any type of cryptocurrency exchange below.

    1. Assess the Personal Level of Risk

    The cryptocurrency market is very volatile and unredictable. The price of a coin can change rapidly and then stay below the original purchase price for a long time. To avoid these and other problems, it is necessary to determine the level of acceptable risk. To do this, you can use a few simple rules:

    • Invest only your own money (especially important for beginners);
    • Do not buy coins with the last money;
    • Spread risk – don’t invest everything in one project;
    • Determine your investment horizon: do not react to price spikes if you are investing for the long term.

    2. Choose a Crypto Exchange

    Next, you need to decide on the trading platform. Cryptocurrency platforms differ in interface, commissions and limits, user identification requirements, trading volumes and other parameters.

    You can choose any platform suitable for trading, but beginners are advised to use centralized cryptocurrency exchanges because of their usability, security and liquidity. To buy GTP, experts recommend Bybit exchange.

    Other popular exchanges supporting CryptoGPT:

    BTC trading volume, 24h
    BTC trading volume, 24h
    BTC trading volume, 24h
    BTC trading volume, 24h
    BTC trading volume, 24h
    BTC trading volume, 24h

    3. Create Your Account

    After choosing an exchange, you need to create an account. For example, let’s go through the registration procedure on the Bybit exchange:

    1. Go to official site of the exchange;
      Bybit Official Site
      Official Bybit site
    2. Click Sign Up in the upper right corner of the screen;
    3. Enter phone number or e-mail → create a password → agree to the terms of use of the exchange;
      Bybit registration form
      Form signing up for Bybit
    4. Click Get My Welcome Gifts;
    5. Confirm registration using the password sent to the specified email or phone number;
    6. Account is registered.

    4. Top Up Your Account

    After registering an account on the exchange, you need to replenish it with cryptocurrency to buy GPT. For example, let’s replenish the deposit with the USDT coin (this one is traded in the pair with GPT). For this:

    1. Select Assets → Deposit in menu;
      Assets line
      Menu Assets
    2. In the Coin drop-down menu, select USDT as the deposit currency;
      USDT as upload currency
      Coin Menu
    3. In the Chain Type field on the right side of window, select the type of blockchain, for example, ERC20 (the same type of network must be set in the wallet from which the coins are transferred);
    4. Copy the address in the Copy line and paste it into the field for sending coins in the wallet (or scan the QR code);
    5. Confirm the transfer in the wallet;
    6. Deposit is replenished.

    5. Buy CryptoGPT (GPT)

    After replenishing the account, you can buy GPT. On Bybit, GPT is traded in the GPT/UDST pair. For example, buy GPT for USDT through the spot terminal of the exchange:

    1. Click Trade → Spot Trading in the menu;
    2. Enter GPT/USDT and click on the trading pair in the search bar on the left side of the trading terminal;
      Trading Terminal Window
      Trading terminal window
    3. Switch the order creation window in the right part of the terminal, to the Buy mode → select the Market order (buy at the current market price);
    4. Enter the USDT amount to buy GPT in the Order Value field → click Buy GPT;
    5. GPT is purchased.

    How to Sell CryptoGPT?

    To sell GPT, repeat the same sequence of actions as for buying, but you need to create orders in Sell mode.

    Trading terminal in sell mode
    Trading terminal in sell mode

    How to Store CryptoGPT (GPT)

    Coins purchased on a cryptocurrency exchange are not recommended to be stored on an exchange wallet for security reasons. It is better to use software or hardware crypto wallets for storage.

    GPT is a young cryptocurrency, and so far its support for various services is limited. To store GPT, TGDRatings experts recommend using the Now Wallet.

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    How to withdraw CryptoGPT to my wallet?

    Let’s withdraw the coins bought on Bybit to the New Wallet. For this:

    1. Click Assets → Withdraw in the menu;
      Assets Menu
      Assets menu
    2. Switch to On-chain Withdrawal mode. Then, in the Coin field, select GPT, in the Chain Type field → ERC20, in the Amount field → the amount of GPT to withdraw;
      Number of GPTs to withdraw
      Setting withdraw order
    3. Paste the address from your GPT wallet in the Wallet Address field. To get one, go to Now Wallet;
    4. Type GPT in the search bar of the main wallet window and select CryptoGPT (Ethereum);
      Now Wallet search bar
      Now Wallet search bar
    5. Copy the address in the next window (or use the QR code);
      Window with address
      Window with GPT address
    6. Paste copied address into the Wallet Address field in the Bybit exchange interface;
    7. Check the information in the withdrawal request and click Submit;
    8. Funds are transferred from the exchange to the wallet.


    What is CryptoGPT (GPT)?
    GPT is a native coin of the CryptoGPT blockchain, which provides services for the tokenization of personal information of users. Within the ecosystem of the project, the GPT is used for payment for transactions, staking and management within the DAO. The coin can be bought on cryptocurrency exchanges, for example, on Bybit, MEXC or Gate.
    Where can I buy CryptoGPT crypto?
    You can buy GPT on ByBit, MEXC,, Huobi.
    Is it good to buy CryptoGPT now?
    CryptoGPT blockchain offers users to earn money by selling their own data, which is used to train artificial intelligence. The direction gained popularity in the wake of the success of the chatbot Chat GPT, which led to an increased demand for coins of crypto projects related to AI.

    The investor will have to make the decision to buy a CryptoGPT coin on his own. Your own project research, as well as the advice of famous traders, investors and influential experts in the field of cryptocurrencies will help to you to make right desicion.

    What wallet stores CryptoGPT (GPT)?
    Now Wallet app wallet or Ledger hardware wallet will do for GPT storage.
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