Crypto Moon: When Prices Skyrocket

Moon is a situation where there is a continuous upward movement in the price of a cryptocurrency.

What is Moon?

If you ever stumble across cryptocurrency Twitter, “moon” is one of the most common terms you’ll come across among bullish enthusiasts – usually accompanied by a rocket emoji. Since the early days of Bitcoin, the moon has played an important role in conveying the sentiment people have about cryptocurrencies.

If a digital asset flies to the moon, it means that the person saying it believes that we are now seeing - or soon will see - a sharp rise in prices.

Unusually, in this case ‘moon’ can also be used as a verb. Thus, it is quite plausible that someone might say that his favorite altcoin “moonshot”. As with other cryptocurrency terms, it can be difficult to determine the exact origin of a word. (Nevertheless, we do know that the world of “HODL” originated from a rather amusing typo in a Bitcoin forum in 2013.)

It’s quite possible that “moon” began to become a common phrase around 2017, when Bitcoin first passed the $20,000 mark, a huge milestone in the cryptocurrency’s long and rich history. Another common word used similarly is “Lambo.” Not surprisingly, it refers to Lamborghinis – and the phrase “when Lambo” is used to ask others when they think crypto investments will grow in value enough to buy a supercar.

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