Best apps for cryptocurrency in 2024

    More and more people use the Internet with smartphones and tablets, so various mobile services are quickly becoming popular. Cryptocurrency apps are no exception. Many users prefer to control their assets via their smartphone, allowing them to make quick decisions and make transactions anywhere at any time.

    We reviewed the best apps for trading, storing, tracking and staking cryptocurrencies.

    TOP 5 best cryptocurrency exchange apps

    Below you will find a list of reliable crypto exchanges with large trading volumes, also available in mobile version.

    1. Binance


    Best Cryptocurrency Apps
    Binance app
    • The largest crypto exchange by trading volume;
    • The application provides access to all the functions of the exchange;
    • You can buy cryptocurrencies with your payment card;
    • Wide choice of assets: 600+ supported cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Link, Tezos, Cardano and BNB;
    • Trading futures and options with a stable and secure trading platform;
    • Funds are protected by Asset Security Fund (SAFU);
    • Investment products: Binance Savings and Binance Staking;
    • Alerts of latest prices and market trends;
    • You can switch between Lite and Pro interfaces;
    • Auto recurring purchases feature;
    • Access to 24/7 online customer support.

    2. Bybit


    Bybit App
    Bybit app
    • Provides an intuitive and innovative online trading experience for clients around the world;
    • 100+ instruments, 100+ futures, 5,000,000+ users;
    • Available markets: spot, margin, futures trading, copy trading, p2p trading;
    • NFT marketplace;
    • Staking;
    • The option to buy cryptocurrency by a payment card;
    • The HD cold wallet system;
    • Multilingual support 24/7.

    3. OKX


    OKX app
    OKX app
    Read also: OKX exchange overview.
    • One of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange apps for buying popular cryptocurrencies;
    • Exchange BTC, ETH, XRP, OKB and other coins;
    • Compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows;
    • Available markets: spot, margin;
    • Tracking of digital asset prices in real time;
    • Alerts of value changes on selected assets;
    • Low fees and high liquidity.

    4. Huobi


    Huobi App
    Huobi app
    • A wide range of services for trading and digital asset management;
    • Intuitive interface, charts, analytical tools;
    • 500+ cryptocurrencies and high trading volume;
    • Available markets: spot and margin;
    • Quick buy/sell of cryptocurrencies;
    • Staking and lending;
    • P2P trading;
    • Placing of orders and real-time position monitoring.

    5. Kucoin


    Kukoin App
    Kucoin app
    • You can sell, buy, exchange cryptocurrencies, invest in the crypto market;
    • Support for 120+ different coins in 150+ countries;
    • Available markets: spot, margin, futures, P2P;
    • Quick buying of cryptocurrency with payment card;
    • Crypto lending;
    • Trading bot.

    Pros and cons of cryptocurrency trading apps

    You can trade anytime, anywhere;
    Quick access to key features;
    Retrieve information quickly;
    Possibility to track open positions at any time.
    Functions of mobile applications on some exchanges are limited to basic capabilities;
    The application requires constant updates;
    Not as convenient to use as the desktop version.

    TOP 5 best cryptocurrency storage apps

    There is no universal solution for storing digital coins. Choosing the best crypto wallet usually depends on the individual needs of the user and their goals. We have compiled a list of the most popular and trusted cryptocurrency storage apps.

    1. Trust Wallet


    Trust Wallet Application
    Trust Wallet
    Read also: Trust Wallet review.
    • The official mobile wallet app of Binance, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world;
    • Simple registration, no verification;
    • Purchase, hold, NFT, view prices, trade;
    • Support for BEP2, BEP20, ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens;
    • The built-in Web3 browser makes it easy to interact with DApps. It also integrates with Binance DEX so you can buy cryptocurrencies with your payment card;
    • User friendly interface, easy to use. Fit to beginners and long-term HODL-users due to robust security features;
    • The application is decentralized and does not store users personal data. The wallet stores public and private keys locally to ensure maximum security and protection of funds.

    2. MetaMask


    MetaMask Application
    Metamask app
    • Mobile app and browser extension;
    • Support Ethereum compatible tokens (ERC-20 and ERC-721) and the web browser is preconfigured to interact with Decentralized applications and smart contracts;
    • Registration does not require email address or personal identification. You just need to create a password and copy seed-phrase;
    • You can trade from anywhere in the world, make transactions and store non-fungible tokens (NFT) and more;
    • Passwords and private keys are generated and stored on the device under the control of the user. If the user already has the MetaMask desktop extension, they can simply generate a QR-code, scan it with their mobile device, and the entire transaction history will be synced in seconds;
    • Built-in exchanger allows you to buy cryptocurrencies using payment card;
    • It is open source wallet and supported by a global community of developers and designers.

    3. Blockchain


    Blockchain Application
    Blockchain app
    • Simple and powerful wallet;
    • Secure access to storage from anywhere in the world;
    • Easy to send and receive cryptocurrency;
    • Client-side encryption ensures that only the client has access to the funds;
    • Supports 4 languages;
    • Option to convertation over 22 currencies;
    • Automatic backup protects your data if your device is lost or damaged.

    4. Exodus


    Exodus Application
    Exodus app
    • Mobile application and desktop multi-currency wallet;
    • Registration and identity verification optional;
    • Supports many crypto assets: Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP and Bitcoin Cash as well as popular meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu;
    • It is a non-custodial wallet: private keys are stored on the user’s device. This provides strong security and privacy;
    • Supports a hardware wallet Trezor that can safely store cryptocurrencies;
    • Two wallet recovery methods: 12-word seed phrase and email address;
    • Easy to use: only three tabs (Portfolio, Exchange and Wallet);
    • You can easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another and track your daily profit or loss;
    • Auto Adjusted Fees. This Exodus benefit is intended for beginners who are not yet sure about the correct definition of the transaction fee on the network;
    • Integrates with ShapeShift, making exchange process anonymous and easy.

    5. MyEtherWallet


    MewWallet App
    MewWallet app
    • Non-custodial mobile wallet;
    • Supports all ERC-20 tokens;
    • Allows digital assets exchange directly in the application;
    • Has partnership with Samsung Blockchain to provide a secure environment for storing private keys;
    • The system supports smart contracts that automate many frequently performed transactions. You can set up contracts to perform specific tasks at specific times. For example, you can order the system to buy a specified number of coins when the exact price is reached;
    • Fully integrated with Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets.

    Pros and cons of cryptocurrency storage apps

    Access to funds anytime, anywhere;
    Multi-functionality: from storage to buying cryptocurrency;
    Instant transactions;
    High security level.
    Mobile crypto wallets less safer than hardware ones;
    The desktop version is more convenient to use;
    Some wallets have limited functions in the mobile application.

    TOP 5 best crypto portfolio tracking apps

    Tracking apps can track thousands of exchanges and coins, providing important information for analysis and buying/selling decisions, what helps trackers expand investment opportunities. Let’s consider the most popular cryptocurrency tracking applications.

    1. CoinGecko


    CoinGecko App
    CoinGecko app
    • The world’s largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator;
    • Price data for 12,000+ coins in real time, 500+ exchanges and 1,000,000+ users;
    • Portfolio tracking anytime, anywhere;
    • Covering all strategies: conservative, risky, long term HODL, DeFi, small cap coins, high risk positions and more;
    • Customizable price alerts;
    • Widgets for Crypto Coin, Top 10 and Portfolio on Android and iOS devices;
    • Up-to-date reviews from the leading cryptocurrency publications.

    2. CoinMarketCap


    Coinmarketcap app
    Coinmarketcap app
    • Full information about capitalization, dynamics, trading volumes and other parameters;
    • A lot of cryptocurrencies;
    • Synchronization between web version and mobile app;
    • Privacy mode and app lock to protect your data;
    • Tracking cryptocurrency markets (descriptions, price charts, exchange ratings and market capitalization);
    • Price updates in real time;
    • Custom filters;
    • Multiple watchlists to share;
    • News from authoritative crypto news sites and organizations;
    • Price converter: exchange cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency or fiat;
    • Comparison of various cryptocurrencies by price, market capitalization and volume for any period of time;
    • Widgets for iOS and Android;
    • Ratings: leaders of growth and fall, recently added coins;
    • The CryptoCompare tab in the app allows you to compare the market performance of any two coins using charts (price, volumes and market cap over time);
    • Can be used anonymously.

    3. CoinTracker


    CoinTracker Application
    CoinTracker app
    • Allows to track your crypto portfolio quickly;
    • The software can import information from different crypto wallets and provides reports for tax return;
    • Support +300 exchanges and +10 000 cryptocurrencies; +1 bln users;
    • Most of the features are free, but there are additional setting for paid accounts. Free account (Free) allows to track up to 25 transactions. This level provides information related to cryptocurrency value and capital gain, as well as error reconciliation reports and clients support. The Premium level costs $199 a year and differs in the number of transactions (up to 1000), tax summaries and priority support;
    • Allows to combine user’s transaction history in all crypto services and makes it available for search and filtering;
    • Crypto taxes feature optimized for US, UK, Canada, Australia and India. CoinTracker provides priority support for residents of these countries and has simple integration with software for income calculations, such as TurboTax;
    • The app collaborates with NFT OpenSea trading platform and it simplifies difficulties with taxies regarding non-fungible tokens trade.

    4. CryptoCompare


    CryptoCompare App
    CryptoCompare app
    • An entire ecosystem for cryptocurrencies: content and educational guides, price aggregator for top coins and exchanges;
    • Required account verification;
    • Track your investment portfolio and get the latest news from the world’s leading sources;
    • Real-time data on 5300+ coins and 240,000+ currency pairs;
    • Providing detailed market information about exchanges and cryptocurrencies directly in the application.

    5. Delta


    Delta App
    Delta app
    • An advanced application for tracking cryptocurrencies;
    • 1M+ installs, 1M+ users worldwide, support for 3000+ cryptoassets;
    • There are free and paid versions;
    • Integration with dozens of cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges, making it easy to import transactions in minutes;
    • Free features: transaction history analysis, coin splitting and source. The pro version displays good and bad investment decisions, commission breakdowns and more;
    • Track cryptocurrencies, stocks, NFT;
    • Notifications about upcoming token and ICO launches;
    • Tools for building charts and connecting to API crypto exchanges;
    • Inline news section with articles relevant to your portfolio.

    Pros and cons of tracking apps

    The main features are available for free;
    Providing data for analyzing the crypto portfolio and making important investment decisions;
    Constant updating of information;
    Synchronization of desktop and mobile versions;
    Instant notifications about price changes.
    Data refresh rate may differ, because of this, prices and trading volumes in the desktop and application sometimes do not match;
    Not all functions are free.

    TOP 5 best cryptocurrency staking apps

    Staking is a popular method of earning rewards by locking cryptocurrency in a smart contract to verify transactions in blockchain. Cryptocurrencies that support the Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol are suitable for staking.

    Let’s take a look on the main applications for staking.

    1. Binance


    Binance Staking Application
    Binance staking application
    • Coins: 80+ coins including AION, OM, THETA, REI, FTM, ACA, LEVER and more;
    • Staking terms: 30 to 120 days;
    • Annual return: from 9% to 104%;
    • Types of staking: fixed staking and DeFi staking;
    • Terms of use: registration and verification required.

    2. OKX


    OKX Staking App
    OKX staking application
    • Coins: VELO, ZBC, BORA, GLMR and others;
    • Staking period: 15 to 120 days;
    • Annual return: from 4% to 107% (depending on the term of staking and coins);
    • Types of staking: flexible and fixed staking.

    3. Trust Wallet


    Trust Wallet Staking Application
    Trust Wallet staking app
    • Coins: Binance Coin (BNB), TRON (TRX), Tezos (XTZ), Cosmos (ATOM), Terra (LUNA), VeChain (VET), Callisto (CLO), Osmosis (OSMO), Kava (KAVA), TomoChain (TOMO), IoTeX (IOTX), Algorand (ALGO);
    • Staking period: from 7 days depending on the coin;
    • Annual return: up to 80%;
    • Staking rewards vary depending on the chosen coin or token and the validators offered;
    • Staking calculator.

    4. Atomic Wallet


    Atomic Wallet Staking Application
    Atomic Wallet staking application
    • Coins: AWC, Near, Band Protocol, Zilliqa, Cosmos, ICON, Algorand, Tezos, Solana, Komodo, Cardano, Tron, VeChain, 30+ blockchains;
    • Staking term: unlimited;
    • Annual return: up to 20%;
    • The service offers verified validators for staking, indicating the amount of commission in the network;
    • The application is constantly updated, with increased attention to the safety of coins;
    • The support team is ready to help you with staking issues 24/7.

    5. BitGlobal


    BitGlobal Staking Apps
    BitGlobal staking applications
    • Coins: BTC, ETH, USDT;
    • Staking period: 7 days;
    • Annual return up to 10.5%.

    Pros and Cons of staking applications

    Passive income;
    No funds required to purchase equipment unlike mining (minimum investment);
    Large selection of coins and staking sites;
    Different types of staking, opportunity to select the period of blocking coins;
    High profitability of DeFi staking;
    You can calculate the amount of income using built-in calculators;
    No special knowledge is required;
    Cryptocurrency remains in the wallet of user.
    You cannot withdraw coins before the end of the staking period, otherwise you may lose all rewards;
    Coins may drop in value during the blocking period.


    Are crypto apps safe?
    Cryptocurrency app companies are paying enough attention about the security of their services. At the same time, the user should also not forget about additional security measures: set up two-factor authentication, store passwords in a safe place, etc.
    Which apps for buying cryptocurrency are suitable for a beginner?
    If you are newbie and looking for the best apps to buy cryptocurrency, you can try Binance or OKX. The mobile application can be downloaded from the main page of the crypto exchange website.
    Which is the best cryptocurrency trading app?
    Regulation, security, supported crypto markets, fees, as well as convenience need to be taken into account when selecting cryptocurrency trading apps that suit your skills and financial goals. We recommend popular marketplace apps Binance, OKX and ByBit.
    Which is the best crypto storage app?
    There are many crypto wallets on the market, and choice depends on user preferences. First of all, you should consider the frequency of transactions and the duration of storage of assets. For short-term storage, multi-currency mobile apps like Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet etc.
    Why do we need tracking apps?
    Mobile tracking app allows you to track real-time cryptocurrency price data, market movements, news. This information allows you to make best investment decisions.
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