5 Best Crypto Signals Telegram Groups in 2024

    Cryptosignals is one of the ways to make money trading cryptocurrencies. With all the risks that such an approach to trading can carry, the use of crypto signals frees you from studying technical and fundamental analysis, and really reduces time costs.

    I reviewed more than 50 platforms with paid and free crypto signals and made a list of the top 5 services for beginners in cryptocurrency trading.

    What is a crypto trading signal?

    Cryptosignals are the messages in various social networks, chats or messengers that contain information about in which direction and with what conditions the user needs to open a trading order. Such signals can help if you want to try trading (or start making money trading crypto), but do not have the desire or time to study fundamental and technical analysis.

    Cryptosignals are created by teams of analysts and traders who use them in their own practice (reliable signals should be just that). Such information may be paid or free (depending on the selected service and its customer service policy).

    The minimum information that the signal contains most often consists of the following data:

    1. Name of cryptocurrency pair or crypto/fiat pair, for example, ETH/USDT or ETH/USD;
    2. Deal direction: buy (Buy) or sell (Sell);
    3. The Price level to enter the trade, for example, $2000;
    4. The price level to exit the trade, for example, $2500. This level is also called the take profit level;
    5. The Price level for setting a stop loss, for example, $1800.
    Take Profit – price level at which the current trade should be closed. Stop Loss – price level at which the user accepts a loss if the asset price does not go in the right direction. Both levels can be changed by trader at any moment.

    As additional information, the signal data may contains: information on the time of entry into the trade, the timeframe on which the trade should be placed, the duration of the trade, several take profit levels, etc.

    How do crypto signals work?

    The principle of cryptosignal work is simple:

    1. A user subscribes to a signal service group in Telegram (often also in a Discord chat) and turns on notifications;
    2. The signals regularly appear in the group with the name of the cryptocurrency pair, the direction of the deal (buy or sell), entry price, exit price (take profit) and stop loss. Additionally, information there may be the information on the entry time, the timeframe used, the duration of the deal, take profit levels, etc.;
    3. User uses his own account on the exchange, finds the specified cryptocurrency pair and makes a deal (creates an order) with the input parameters specified in the signal;
    4. As soon as the price reaches the take profit level specified in the signal data, the user closes the trade.

    Top telegram groups with crypto signals

    There are the best, in my opinion, crypto signal services and their telegram groups below.

    Remember the basic principle of the cryptocurrency market - DYOR - Do Your Own Research. Do not throw headlong into trading, test signals on demo accounts (for example, on Bybit, Binance or OKX), use the free features and see the results before using a paid subscription.

    1. Learn2trade telegram group

    Top 5 crypto signals in Telegram
    Learn2trade homepage

    Learn2trade provides two types of signals: for the cryptocurrency market and Forex market. It has several telegram groups: with signals and trading results. Up to 5 signals per day appear in free groups. The signals appear in advance (limit and stop trades are used) before the entry according to the strategy. In free groups, signals are provided for intraday trading. In addition to general information on entering a trade, the following data is provided: trade holding time, risk size, risk/reward ratio (RRR). The declared percentage of profitable trades is up to 70%-76%. 30-day money-back guarantee included.

    • Telegram group link: t.me/L2TAlgo (algorithmic trading signals) and https://t.me/learn2tradectypto (manual trading signals);
    • Site: https://learn2.trade/;
    • Number of telegram group subscribers: 4000+ and 25,000+ thousand subscribers respectively;
    • Available markets: spot crypto market and Forex;
    • Subscription: from £58 (algorithmic trading signals) and from £40 per month (manual trading signals). When you pay for a longer period, the price decreases. It is possible to pay for lifetime access for £400 one-time payment.

    2. Сryptosignals.org telegram group

    Cryptosignals home page .org
    Cryptosignals.org main page

    The Сryptosignals.org service is focused primarily on paid signals. In free groups, there are 1-2 signals appear per day, in paid groups – up to 5. It is not possible to view trading results based on provided signals.

    In addition to the basic information, the signals additionally contain data on trade holding time, risk size, risk/reward ratio (RRR). The declared percentage of profitable trades is up to 82%. 30-day money-back guarantee included.

    3. Altsignals.io telegram group

    Altsignals home page
    Altsignals homepage

    The Altsignals platform delivers high-precision signals for the spot and futures market of cryptocurrencies and gold indices on Forex. In the Results section, you can see the results of trading on signals in various markets (reports are available, including .pdf format). The maximum percentage of successful transactions on futures is 92%, the minimum is 50%. Results vary from month to month. High rating on Trustpilot (4.8 out of 5 points). The company does not provide free signals. There is only the results of deals from private channels are shown in the general telegram channel.

    • Telegram group link: https://t.me/altsignals;
    • Site: https://www.altsignals.io. io/;
    • Number of subscribers in telegram: 50,000+ subscribers;
    • Markets available: BTC futures, Bybit and Binance perpetual futures, Binance crypto spot market, Forex gold indices;
    • Subscription: monthly subscription(from $123 to $246), quarterly subscription (paid only in BTC – from 0.016 BTC) and lifetime access (with a 70% discount – one-time payment of $354). You can create a complex subscription from several groups of signals.

    4. Wolfxsignals telegram group

    Wolfxsignals homepage .com
    Wolfxsignals.com homepage

    In the Wolfxsignals open telegram channel, you can find 2 free signals per week: one for Forex and one for cryptocurrencies. Deals’ results are published in a separate Telegram channel. The percentage of profitable signals and the specifics of the trades are not displayed there, but the total percentage of earnings is visible (the calculation method is unclear). Cryptocurrency signals are provided using Bybit prices data. The service has good reviews on Trustpilot (4.4 out of 5 points). Paid subscriptions guarantee up to 4 signals per week, personalized support, weekly reports and so on.

    • Telegram group link: https://t.me/wolfxsignals_free;
    • Site: https://wolfxsignals.com/;
    • Number of subscribers in telegram: 80,000+ subscribers;
    • Available markets: cryptocurrencies spot and futures and Forex;
    • Subscription: monthly subscriptions – from $89 (crypto OR Forex) to $139 (crypto AND Forex). Lifetime subscription with a one-time payment – $279 (crypto OR Forex) or $399 (crypto AND Forex).

    5. MYC Signals telegram group

    MYC home page Signals
    MYC Signals homepage

    MYC Signals is similar to Altsignals. Just like Altsignals, the company’s Telegram does not have free signals and displays trading results from closed channels. Latest public statistics provided for 2021. The declared percentage of profitable trades is 83-86% for all markets. MYC Signals provides signals for the spot market and cryptocurrency futures. There are only buying signals provided for the spot market. The leverage used in futures signals is x125. The number of signals with a paid subscription is up to 5 per week.

    • Telegram group link: https://t.me/mycryptopedia;
    • Site: https://www. mycryptopedia.com;
    • Number of subscribers in telegram: 23000+ subscribers;
    • Available markets: cryptocurrency spot and futures markets;
    • Subscription: from $60 (BTC spot) to $225 (all of types of signals) per month. Lifetime subscription – $2500 one-time payment.

    How to choose the best crypto signals

    To choose the right trading signals, you need to focus on your own strategy and preferred markets for trading. In addition, it is important to take into account several parameters of the signals themselves: the percentage of profitable trades, the number of channel/group or bot subscribers (it’s very good if you can estimate the number of paid subscribers), the methods that are used to receive signals on the platform side, frequency and time of their appearance, subscription cost. Let’s analyze each parameter in more detail.

    Success rate

    The percentage of successful trades is calculated as the ratio of profitable trades to all trades, multiplied by 100. For example, the platform claims that the percentage of profitable trades of its signals is 72%. This means that out of 100 trades, 72 made a profit. In this case, the amount of profit is not taken into account.

    Nothing prevents platforms from manipulating this information so, in addition to social networks, discord groups or telegram groups with screenshots of profitable transactions, the platform should have the functionality of a personal account or public statistics with such information.


    Users’ reviews can be viewed on special portals, for example, trustpilot. At the same time, it should be kept in mind that reviews can also be the subject of manipulation, so pay attention only to substantive criticism or praise.

    Number of followers

    On the one hand, the number of subscribers may indicate the popularity and success of the platform and its signals. On the other hand, the quality of subscribers is important. Beautiful numbers can turn out to be “twisted”, and users can turn out to be bots. You can evaluate the indicator more fully by observing the number and quality of comments, responses and reactions in the official socials of the platform.


    Methodologies are the processes behind obtaining a trading signal (price levels for entering and exiting a trade, intermediate targets, stop loss, etc.) and related information (percentage of profitable trades, percentage of stop loss in relation to the target, profit in the deal, etc.). It is important for the user to be aware of the following points:

    • Is there any analytical work carried out on the platform side to receive a signal (fundamental, technical analysis, social statistics, etc.). If so, what methods are used for this;
    • Does the platform itself use its signals in trading and is it possible to see statistics on real accounts;
    • If the signals are used in platform’s team work, then are there live traders or robots trade? It is good practice to ask setvice support in general terms what kind of tools traders or robots use;
    • How public metrics are calculated? Particularly important are the calculations regarding the percentage of profits in the deals.
    If the platform refuses to disclose this information or does not respond to such requests, it makes sense to think about working with another service.

    Subscription price

    The cost of subscribing to paid signals varies greatly depending on the service. The minimum prices start from $50, the upper limit of prices is unlimited and depends on the composition of the subscription. For example, in Altsignals you can make personalized subscription, which will cost more than $1000.

    Pay attention to the opportunity to return the cost of the subscription – this may be an indirect proof of the reliability of the signals and a sign of reliable service.


    Check the work of the platform support service. To do this, you can contact support and ask simple questions about platform work, your personal account or methods for receiving signals. The quality of the answers and the completeness of the information can help to indirectly judge the reliability of the platform.

    Free signals vs paid signals

    Free signals are often less profitable than paid ones. They involve lower timeframes and are generally more risky than subscription signals. However, free ones can help evaluate the quality of platform signals and how it works. If the platform’s free signals are profitable, not too risky, and the platform itself meets the desired criteria, then this may be a reason to purchase a paid subscription.


    Cryptosignals are messages in various social networks, chats and messengers containing information about what deal can be opened on the market in the current conditions. Such signals are created by teams of analysts and traders of special services and may be paid and free. They are very convenient to use if you do not have your own experience in trading cryptocurrencies. At the same time, you need to understand that no one can guarantee profits on the received signals: any paid offers can always be tested for free on demo accounts or just watching the deals outcome.


    Do crypto signals actually work?
    Some do work. To evaluate their performance, you can use a free subscription (it is available on most platforms, most often in the form of groups in Telegram or Discord). Watch the profitability of deals without entering them or using the demo trading mode, evaluate the performance of the selected platform - and only then proceed to use signals on real cryptocurrencies or buy access to the paid version of the service.
    Are the crypto signals legit?
    Yes, there are no any restrictions on the use of cryptosignals.
    What is the best Telegram group for crypto trading signals?
    This will depend on what results and on what market the trader wants to get, as well as the trading strategy. For example, Learn2trade is more suitable for those who want to trade intraday, while Altsignals is for traders who prefer medium-term trading.
    How to get free crypto signals?
    Free cryptosignals can be obtained in telegram groups, discord chats or social networks of specialized services such as Altsignals and Learn2trade.
    Are there any risks associated with using crypto signals from Telegram groups?
    Yes. For exampe you can face with:

    • The probability of getting to fraudulent services (for example, there is no real trading and analytics behind crypto signals or price levels are provided at random);
    • Probability of losing invested funds.

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