Zero Knowledge Rollups: Boosting Ethereum’s Scalability

Zero Knowledge Rollup is a type of Layer 2 scaling solution that relies on zero knowledge cryptography.

What is Zero Knowledge Rollup?

Zero-knowledge roll-up is a type of second-level scaling solution that relies on zero-knowledge cryptography (such as ZK-snarks or ZK-starks) to trustlessly record transactions made on the second level and further validate those transactions using a system of cryptographic evidence that is verified by a smart contract on the underlying underlying blockchain.

Because Zero-Knowledge Rollup relies on a smart contract to validate proofs of transactions on the second layer, this system has some inherent advantages, such as higher throughput and transaction completion times compared to Optimistic rollup.

Examples of production applications running on zero-knowledge rollups are the decentralized DeversiFi exchange and the Immutable X NFT exchange. Zero-knowledge rollups mostly support custom and specialized applications that are specifically designed for rollup technology. However, several rollups projects are working on releasing zero-knowledge rollups that will allow projects to run their smart contracts at Level 2 without additional code development.

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