Strong Holder Offering: Crypto Fundraising for Loyal Users

Strong Holder Offering (SHO) is a mechanism for raising money with a strong investor.

What is a Strong Holder Offering?

A Strong Holder Offering (SHO) is a fundraising mechanism in which suitable investors are chosen based on their performance in the network. A Strong Holder Offer permits a project to raise funding from individuals who are holders of the cryptocurrency. SHO is an investment model and product of DAO Maker, which actively uses it to launch new projects in the crypto space.

SHO can be useful for people holding coins for six months or active capital providers on a decentralized exchange (DEX).

SHO can be aimed at people with more than $5 million in transactions in the last month. Not only is such a system generally beneficial to the crypto project, but also to investors with ‘strong hands,’ or those who can hold a coin for a long period of time. DAO Maker incentivizes strong investors by selecting them as SHO participants while offering them protection.

Because of this, the crowdfunding model also allows participants to seek a refund if they choose to withdraw support after DAO Maker’s offer renewal. SHO has already been renamed the Strong Holder Refundable Offer (rSHO). Note that buyer’s rights are lost if the value of the project tag increases during the first Strong Holder Offering and remains at 400% for 120 days.

However, during project development, DAO Maker runs a series of tests before opening the door to SHO. That said, only a few startups can offer the service for 12 months, which means that only those projects that can get through will decide to apply. This discourages scammers and low-quality startups.

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