Repair Miners: Recovering Data in Filecoin

Repair Miners are a proposed type of mining nodes in the Filecoin network.

What are Repair Miners?

Repair Miners are a proposed type of mining units in the Filecoin network. This type is different from the other two types of miners: vaults and finders. Repair miners are a feature of the Filecoin network that has not yet been implemented.
The creators of Filecoin have defined repair nodes as a type of node that helps “self-repair the network.” This can be understood by analyzing the structure of Filecoin, the decentralized storage system and some aspects of how the network works.

At Filecoin, data is stored in sectors, each of which has a fixed size. Through storage miners, the data stored in these sectors is stored on behalf of their customers, who contract out the services of the storage miners for a certain period of time. Repair miners are now seen as a third party who can step in when cryptocurrency storage is unreliable and help eliminate the risks.

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