Dolphin Investors in Crypto: A Mid-Level Player

Dolphin is someone who owns a mid-sized amount of cryptocurrency.

Who are dolphins?

Cryptocurrency investors are sometimes classified according to the relative size of their holdings. Small investors (those with very modest holdings of a given currency or a small overall portfolio) are sometimes called fry or fish. At the opposite end of the scale, those with particularly large cryptocurrency holdings are known as whales.

Crypto-dolphins occupy an intermediate position between these two classifications: they can no longer be counted among the smallest crypto players, but they have also not yet accumulated a large enough stake to be counted among the largest.

Compared to dolphins or minnows, crypto-kits often keep a close eye on their moves from the crypto community. There are many stories of crypto-kits moving large amounts of money, especially across the Bitcoin blockchain. Such stories are often used to illustrate one of Bitcoin’s main advantages: extremely low transaction fees. Crypto-kits sometimes report that they have moved hundreds of thousands of dollars into Bitcoin for just a few dollars in fees.

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