Date of Launch: A Milestone in Crypto Projects

Date of Launch is the term used to refer to the time when an ICO will put its tokens up for sale.

What is Date of Launch?

An initial coin offering (ICO) is the type of financing campaign that is used for launching cryptocurrencies and tokens. It is a type of funding campaign used when launching cryptocurrency products and services. Development team of a new crypto-asset has decided to sell the new asset in order for an investment. For the first time, this has two goals: to sell and distribute the cryptocurrencies for potential future users (who are interested in it at all) as well as supporting development of new products and services.

The launch date is a mandatory part of any ICO campaign: it is the moment when the sale of the asset to the general public begins. This is preceded by several months of intensive preparation and sometimes one or more rounds of private sales in which a smaller portion of the asset is distributed to a select group of investors.

It is important to understand that there are several important things the development team needs to do before launching sale. In addition, you need to develop at least the underlying technology of the new crypto-asset, make sure that legality is ensured, develop a distribution plan, create and publish all relevant documentation about it.

The release date of the ICO is generally noted to the public well in advance, so that developers have the chance to work with community feedback and allow time for an effective marketing campaign on the promotion of it.

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