Curve AMO: Advancing Crypto Market Operations

Curve AMO is a software that uses multiple cryptocurrencies to run an automated market maker (AMM) focused on Stablecoins.

What is Curve AMO?

The Curve is a software that uses multiple cryptocurrencies to run an automated marketmaker (AMM) focusing on Stablecoins. This program has the ability of running an automated market maker (AMM) intended for Stablecoins (cryptocurrencies programmed to mimic other assets). It is possible to exchange tokens, keep fees low and slippage high by placing liquidity pools that consist of only similarly behaved assets. The AMM platform provides an efficient way to exchange tokens, the fee for trading increased by creating cash flow with same behavioral properties. It is this approach that results in lower prices for liquidity services, who provide the pools with tokens. It is worth noting that Curve has an incentive model that helps to increased the number of participants by integrating with external decentralized fund protocol (DeFi) and providing bonuses in the form of Curve CRV tokens (CRV) and interest.

A case of FRAX (Fractional Algorithmic Stablecoin), Curve AMO use Stablecoin and USDC collateral to provide liquidity for the protocol, allowing the Curve AMO controller to set and collect administration fees fromFRAxSTABLECOINS. And perform different functions. The Protocol can move USDC collateral or new FRAX into its Curve pool to create more liquidity and tighter pegs, creating trading profit.

Sam Kazemian is the founder of Frax, the world’s first fractional algorithmic stackcoin that is partially provisioned and stabilized algorithmically, creating a truly reliable, scalable and stable asset for the future of decentralized finance.

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