Cheap and promising cryptocurrencies worth buying in 2024

    The cryptocurrency market is regularly updated with new coins. There can be both one-day projects and promising ones among them, and the task of a crypto-investor is to choose the right young coin for investments.

    In the new review, we will tell you about new crypto projects that may well “shoot” this year.

    TOP 5 cheapest and most promising cryptocurrencies in 2024

    1. Status


    • SNT is an native token of the Status communication ecosystem, which includes messenger, cryptocurrency wallet and Web3 browser;
    • ERC-20 token;
    • Used for access and power decentralized services on the Status network;
    • The basis for open source decentralized economy (anyone can use the token and code in accordance with their requests);
    • SNTs also serve to incentivize and reward network members;
    • The project works as the type of network “users as stakeholders”, i.e. the project is focused on serving the needs of users;
    • The mission of Status is to provide private and secure communications without intermediaries.

    2. DAO Maker


    • DAO is the govern token of the smart contract platform MakerDAO;
    • Powered by blockchain Ethereum;
    • DAO tokens are at the heart of creating decentralized ecosystem that allows retail venture capital investments in stocks and tokens;
    • Allow owners to take part in protocol management;
    • DAO staking;
    • The mission of MakerDAO is to create a decentralized, transparent and accessible platform that provides a level playing field for everyone.

    3. Ultra


    • UOS is the native currency of the Ultra platform designed to distribute next generation games;
    • UOS is built into the overall ecosystem and used to pay for games and in-game items;
    • Includes Free Ultra Coins for participating in beta tests and market research, viewing ads, curating games and more;
    • The possibility to buy and resell your games and virtual items;
    • Two-level referral program;
    • Earning on UOS staking;
    • Ultra’s mission is to create a new era for gamers.

    4. WazirX


    • WRX is the service token of India’s fastest growing crypto exchange WazirX;
    • Powered by the Binance blockchain (is a part of the Binance ecosystem);
    • Emission: 1 billion coins;
    • WRX holders receive various benefits on the trading exchange (fee discounts, WRX mining, token giveaways, etc.), and can also vote on token listings or exchange updates;
    • Used as an asset to reward users for their contributions to the development of the WazirX platform;
    • The mission of WazirX is to make cryptocurrency available to everyone in India.

    5. StormX


    • STMX is a service token of the StormX platform for trading cryptocurrency;
    • Token of the ERC-20 standard, created on the base of Ethereum;
    • Cashback when paying for purchases online using STMX tokens;
    • Earn on STMX staking;
    • Staking rewards up to 3.5x higher then competitors have;
    • The mission of StormX is mass adoption of cryptography and provide different options for making money on cryptocurrency.

    TOP 5 best new and promising cryptocurrencies for investment

    1. Position Exchange


    • POSI – native token for decentralized trading Position exchange;
    • Token of the BEP20 standard, operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network;
    • POSI holders receive passive income by staking tokens, the farming is also available as alternative;
    • POSI tokens are used to run the NFTs;
    • Other use cases: commission discounts, participation in platform management, the option to propose and vote on changes;
    • The mission of the Position exchange is the participation of traders, liquidity providers and developers in the open financial market without any barriers to entry.

    2. Lunar


    • LNR is the service token of the Lunar DeFI ecosystem designed to simplify the process of trading cryptocurrency and NFT on a single platform;
    • Token of the BEP20 standard, operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network;
    • The local currency LNR serves as the connector for the entire ecosystem, enabling seamless cross-chain trade;
    • Moon Crystals – a collection of 3D animated NFTs;
    • Lunar DEX wallet is a crypto wallet for buying, selling, exchanging and storing tokens powered by BNB and BCS blockchains;
    • Lunar’s mission is to ensure seamless trading between different blockchains (an all-in-one platform).

    3. Goldfinch


    • GFI is the service token of the Goldfinch lending platform, which provides crypto loans to users around the world;
    • GFI owners can participate in the management of the platform, what determining the direction of its development;
    • Using GFI as a reward for liquidity providers;
    • Rewards for sponsors (contributing to borrower pools and making bets on other sponsors), auditors (making bets to get a right to vote) and borrowers (successfully redeem their pools);
    • Grants for contributors who make a significant contribution to the Goldfinch protocol and ecosystem;
    • Goldfinch’s mission is to make open crypto lending available to the most people in the world.

    4. Zebec Protocol


    • ZBC is the govern token of the Zebec Protocol, designed to enable seamless real-time payment flows;
    • Powered by the Solana blockchain;
    • ZBC holders can vote on all issues related to the governance of the Zebec protocol;
    • Opportunities for developers (fundraising with ZBC tokens) and investors (investments via Zebec Launchpad);
    • A debit card that allows you to seamlessly convert cryptocurrency to fiat currency in real time;
    • Zebec’s mission is to change the optimization of blockchain cash flow.

    5. Zookeeper


    • ZOO is the main currency of the Zoo ecosystem, which allows you to control data synchronization;
    • Zoo consists of 3 components: ZooKeeper (liquidity supply), OpenZoo (NFT marketplace), ZooGame (blockchain games);
    • Powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC);
    • ZOO tokens are distributed as a farming reward to DEX (LP) liquidity providers;
    • vZOO (virtual ZOO) is a wrapped version of the token that is used for cross-chain features and in-game currency in ZooGames;
    • Zoo’s mission is to provide endless communication between players by interconnecting networks.

    TOP 5 tokens cheaper than $1

    1. Star Atlas DAO


    • POLISgovern token in the Star Atlas metaverse;
    • Powered by the Solana blockchain;
    • Polis holders can influence the decisions of the Star Atlas development team;
    • Staking;
    • The mission of Star Atlas DAO is to pave the way for the future of the gaming industry based on blockchain and NFT.

    2. Xeno Token


    • Xeno Token is the native currency of the Xenoverse platform, created for decentralized crypto-lending and investment;
    • Token of the ERC-20 standard, developed on the Ethereum platform;
    • Emission: 1 billion coins;
    • Used as unit of account for sending and receiving payments;
    • You can exchange Xeno to fiat at any time;
    • The mission of Xenoverse is financial freedom and alternative investment opportunities for all.

    3. Huobi Pool Token


    • HPT is a sub-token based on the Huobi token (HT is the native token of the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global);
    • Powered by the Ethereum blockchain;
    • Emission – 10 billion coins;
    • HPT tokens are an important component of the Huobi ecosystem;
    • HPT holders participate in the future development of the Huobi pool, receive rewards in the form of distribution and earn from mining.

    4. 1inch Network


    • 1INCH – service token of one of the largest DeFi platforms 1inch;
    • Multi-chain token available on Ethereum and BNB Chain;
    • Used to manage all current and future protocols of the 1inch network;
    • The mission of 1inch Network is to provide users with the best possible conditions for swapping digital assets.

    5. Trust Wallet Token


    • TWT is the native currency of Trust Wallet;
    • Token of BEP-20 standard, powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC);
    • Emission – 1 billion coins;
    • Used as Trust Wallet ecosystem decentralized govern token;
    • Allows you to receive discounts for the purchase of cryptocurrency in the application and for the use of decentralized exchange (DEX) services;
    • TWT owners can participate in the governance of Trust Wallet and vote on proposals to update the app.
    Read more about Trust Wallet mobile wallet features on the site.

    Recommended exchanges to buy

    It is best to buy cryptocurrency on crypto exchanges.

    There are at least 5 reasons why:

    1. Exchanges always offer the best rate;
    2. Most of them are regulated, so reliable;
    3. Provides high level of liquidity for supported pairs;
    4. Offer different ways to buy (bank cards and transfers, payment systems, p2p transactions, etc.);
    5. Many exchanges work with fiat: you can buy cryptocurrency with dollars, euros and other currencies.

    The editors of recommend the following exchanges to buy coins from the top:

    Read about other trustworthy sites in our review of the best cryptocurrency exchanges.


    What is the cheapest cryptocurrency today?
    The crypto market is very volatile, and coin rates can change many times a day. To have the most up-to-date information, you need to check the value of the coin at the time of purchase. If you are looking for a cheap and promising cryptocurrency, pay attention to the coins from our rating.
    Which cryptocurrency is the most promising?
    Do not expect someone to give you the exact answer to this question. The prospects of a coin depend primarily on what practical significance this or that project has, what technological solutions it uses and how it differs from existing projects.

    For example, the Status communication ecosystem aims to provide private and secure communication without intermediaries. This could be achieved through the following solutions:

    • Peer-to-peer messaging: no servers processing or storing user messages;
    • Encrypt all messages end-to-end: when an account is created, a cryptographic key pair is generated and stored locally on the device of user, and when a new contact is added, users exchange public keys;
    • Perfect Forward Secrecy: an additional layer of security for all private chats;
    • Secure Identity: a locally generated cryptographic key pair protected by a password;
    • etc.

    Should I buy cheap cryptocurrencies?
    Investments in even the cheapest cryptocurrencies are highly risky. However, it is a more reliable way to enter the market for beginners. You can invest small amounts and then gradually expand your participation in cryptosphere.
    Which coins will become skyrocket this/next year?
    Investment interest will be represented by coins that can offer the market something other than speculative interest, that is, they will have real practical value. There is also a trend of increased interest in coins that are part of ecosystems, and their value is directly related to the success of such projects.
    How do you know if a cryptocurrency is promising?
    Based on the roadmap and peer reviews, determine what value the project offers and how it is planned to achieve the set goals. If the project is based on an innovative solution, and the team managed to clearly communicate its idea and methods for its implementation, then such a project is more credible.
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