CoinEx Review 2024

CoinEx is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017. Its country of registration – Samoa. On 10 April 2024 the number of trading pairs available for trading: 1131. CoinEx last 24-hour trading volume is $69,977,071. It changes to -6.12% compared to the previous 24-hour period. BTC/USDT is the most popular trading pair, its trading volume is $20,811,688 in the last 24 hours. The exchange has 8 of 10 possible reliability scores and provides clients with access to fiat currencies.
Volume (24h)
$69,977,071-6.12% ↓
8 / 10
Country of registration
TOP 10 pairs by volume
24h Volume
Price change in 24h
24h Volume
Price change in 24h
-1,837.00 $ ↓ / -2.61%
24h Volume
Price change in 24h
-135.15 $ ↓ / -3.75%
24h Volume
Price change in 24h
-6.58 $ ↓ / -3.78%
24h Volume
Price change in 24h
-0.0029410 $ ↓ / -1.52%
24h Volume
Price change in 24h
+$0.024778 ↑ / +2.58%
24h Volume
Price change in 24h
-0.000000740 $ ↓ / -2.64%
24h Volume
Price change in 24h
-0.024463 $ ↓ / -3.89%
24h Volume
Price change in 24h
+$2.900 ↑ / +0.50%
24h Volume
Price change in 24h
-77.22 $ ↓ / -11.17%
24h Volume
Price change in 24h
-0.043179 $ ↓ / -7.03%

    Exchange CoinEx was founded in Hong Kong in December 2017. The platform is an international professional cryptocurrency exchange. The CEO and founder of the company is Hypo Yan.

    The exchange provides spot, margin, futures, AMM and other services. The platform supports 700+ cryptocurrencies and allows you to buy cryptocurrencies for fiat money with several payment methods.

    Basic information about the exchange:

    • Official website:;
    • Place of establishment: Hong Kong;
    • CEO & Founder: Hypo Yang;
    • Year of foundation: 2017;
    • Native token: CET;
    • Number of supported languages: 15 (English, French, German, Spanish, etc.);
    • Number of cryptocurrencies: 700+;
    • Payment types accepted: Credit/debit card, Simplex, Mercuryo;
    • Mobile application: Android, iOS.

    To learn more about the CoinEx exchange, check out the review from experts.

    Registration and account verification

    Creating an account on CoinEx is very easy. You have to enter email address and set a password and on the next step confirm your registration with verification code sent to your email. Let’s look on the registration process step by step:

    1. Click Sign Up on the main page of the site in the top menuor or Register Now in the center of the screen;
      Account registration
      Registering an account
    2. Enter email, create a strong password and click Sign Up;
      Enter email address and password
      Entering your email address and password
    3. Enter the authentication code that will be sent to the specified email and click Confirm;
      Authentication Code
      Authentication code
    4. After registration is completed, you will be redirected to the exchange’s personal account.
      Welcome new exchange user
      Welcoming a new exchange user
    You can trade on CoinEx without identity verification. KYC is only required if you want to increase your daily withdrawal limit above $10K. To verify your identity, you will need to provide first and last name, provide driver's license or passport, upload documents' scan and selfie. The KYC procedure may take up to 3 business days.

    Account protection

    Individual customized security options available on CoinEx:

    • Password: The password is the first security guarantee for every account and plays a very important role. It is recommended to set a unique password and keep it in a safe place;
    • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Each attempt to log into or withdraw funds from your account will be protected by a one-time password request. This password is generated by Google Authenticator. CoinEx supports two 2FA methods: Google Authenticator (TOTP one time password) and SMS-code;
    • Identity verification: KYC provides more security and additional benefits (for example, higher withdrawal limits, etc.);
    • Account deactivation: if you need to freeze your account or to stop its activity, you can disable one. This operation will suspend all transactions and withdrawals.
    It is recommended to use a combination of settings for increased security.

    To enable 2FA:

    1. Select Account → Account settings tab;
      Security Settings
      Security settings
    2. Choose TOTP Authentication and press Bind;
      Enable two-factor authentication
      Enable two-factor authentication
    3. Receive and enter your email verification code, click Next;
      Code Intro
      Code Introduction
    4. Install the Google Authenticator application on your smartphone;
    5. Scan the QR code, click Next;
      Setting up 2FA
      Setting up 2FA
    6. Get and enter the Google Authenticator code and click Next to complete the TOTP binding.
      TOTP Binding
      TOTP Binding

    The account is registered. What’s next?

    You can use exchange immediately after completing registration. To start trading, you need to replenish the exchange account. Next, we will tell you how to do it.

    Available deposit and withdrawal methods

    You can only deposite your account in cryptocurrencies. Withdrawals are also only available in cryptocurrencies.

    To deposit funds to your CoinEx account, follow the instructions:

    1. Login to your account at exchange official website, click Assets in the top right corner and select Deposit from the dropdown menu;
      Start deposit
      Starting deposit
    2. Select cryptocurrency and network to coins transfer (let’s take USDT as an example);
    3. Note that address is only available for USDT ERC20 deposits. The transfer of other coins on this address will result in their loss. To continue, press Confirm;
      Select coin and network
      Coin and network selection
    4. Copy the received address and enter it in the recipient address field in the wallet from which you want to transfer crypto assets.
      Get an address on the exchange
      Getting an address on the exchange
    After replenishing the deposit, the funds will appear in spot account. To work on the futures market, you need to transfer funds to a futures account.

    Trading conditions and instruments available on CoinEx

    CoinEx offers a variety of services from buying digital assets with fiat to margin trading. Let’s take a closer look at these options.

    Purchase with card (Fiat)

    To buy cryptocurrency with a card, follow these steps:

    1. Click Fiat in the top menu;
      Purchasing cryptocurrency with a card
      Purchasing cryptocurrency with a card
    2. Select a cryptocurrency to buy, fiat currency to pay and service provider;
      Service Providers
      Service providers
    3. Enter the amount of coins to purchase, fill in requested information on the service provider’s website and complete the payment;
      Buying USDT with a card
      Buying USDT with a card
    4. Check coin receipts in your deposit history on CoinEx. You can check the transaction details on the website of service provider.

    Spot market

    CoinEx spot trading is available in the Exchange tab in the site top menu. The interface of the platform is standard and designed in the way that any novice user does not have any difficulties working with the terminal.

    Cryptocurrency spot trading is the process of buying or selling cryptocurrencies with own funds in real time with instant delivery of assets from the seller to the buyer.
    Spot Market Terminal
    Spot market terminal

    Exchanging cryptocurrency (Swap)

    In the Swap section you can quickly exchange one cryptocurrency for another. To do this, select coins (to give and to receive) and press Swap.

    Swap service

    Contracts (Futures)

    Futures trading on CoinEx is available in the Futures tab in the top menu. CoinEx offers 2 types of futures contracts:

    • Linear: calculations are being made in USDT;
    • Reverse: calculations are being made in cryptocurrency.
    When you are trading futures, you are not actually trading “cryptocurrency” but “contracts” that represent cryptocurrencies. Holding contracts means that you will buy or sell the represented cryptocurrency at a certain time in the future.
    Futures service

    Before you start trading futures as a financial guarantee, you need to deposit a small amount of funds in accordance with the value of the contract.

    The futures can be traded using leverage. Traders can adjust the leverage and trade larger amounts. The maximum leverage on CoinEx is 100x.

    CoinEx leverage
    CoinEx leverage
    You need to remember that trading with leverage increases not only potential profits, but also losses.

    Commissions and limits

    CoinEx charges fees for:

    • Withdrawals;
    • Spot trading;
    • Futures trading.

    For replenishment of the deposit commission is not charged.

    Withdrawal fee depends on cryptocurrency and network. For example, when withdrawing BTC in the BTC network, the fee is 0.0001 BTC, when withdrawing ETH – 0.00081 ETH. Fees can be viewed under deposit and withdrawal fees on the exchange website. In addition, you need to take into account that the commission can vary even for the same cryptocurrency. It depends on the workload of the blockchain network at the time of withdrawal.

    Spot market transaction fees depend on VIP level and market making level (MM). The VIP level depends on the amount of CET (internal exchange token) on the account, and the MM level depends on the monthly trading volume. For example, VIP 1 level fee (≥1,000.00 CET) is 0.1800%, and 0.1440% for CET. At LV0 MM level (monthly trading volume 5 million USD), the fee for maker and taker is the same — 0.2000% or 0.1600% when paying in CET.

    Futures market transaction fees also depend onVIP level and market making level. VIP 1 level fee (≥1,000.00 CET) is 0.0280%, and 0.0480% when paying with CET. At LV0 MM (monthly trading volume 5 million USD), the fee for the maker and taker will be 0.0300% and 0.0500% when paying in CET.

    How to trade on the CoinEx cryptocurrency exchange

    To start trading on the spot market CoinEx, follow the instructions:

    1. Open the Exchange tab in the top menu;
      Spot trading start
      Starting spot trading
    2. Select trading pair, for example, BTC/USDT;
      Select trading pair
      Selecting a trading pair
    3. Specify order type, for example, Market, amount and click Buy BTC;
      Spot market trading
      Spot market trading

    Additional services of the CoinEx exchange

    In addition to the standard functions of cryptocurrency trading and exchanging, CoinEx offers Automated market maker (AMM) service.

    Automated market maker(AMM)

    Thanks to AMM, CoinEx users can become market makers by adding liquidity to the pool and receiving reward for this.

    CoinEx AMM adopts the Standing Market Maker model. This means that users need to deposit two different cryptocurrencies into the liquidity pool, while the balance of trading pairs remains unchanged.

    Automated Market Making
    Automated market making

    Mobile Application

    CoinEx has a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. The application completely repeats the functionality of the exchange.

    CoinEx mobile app
    CoinEx mobile app


    You can read user opinions about exchange at Trustpilot. There are mostly positive reviews. Among the advantages of the exchange users note:

    • Easy registration process;
    • No mandatory KYC procedure;
    • Friendly user interface;
    • High liquidity;
    • Stability of network;
    • Constant emergence of new offers, promotions, airdrops;
    • A lot of supported tokens and coins;
    • Fast updating prices.

    Negative reviews concentrate on:

    • Slow support;
    • Problems with withdrawals;
    • Site freezes.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Simple interface;
    No verification;
    High trading volumes;
    A lot of cryptocurrencies;
    Spot, futures, margin trading;
    Automated market maker (AMM) service;
    Low commissions for users with VIP status;
    Possibility to get the status of market maker and ambassador;
    Reserve fund;
    24/7 technical support (specialists speak different languages) ;
    Availability of a help center and training videos.
    Absence of fiat/crypto trading pairs;
    Withdrawal fees are high;
    Users report problems with withdrawals.


    What is CoinEx?
    CoinEx is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange founded in December 2017. The CEO and Founder of CoinEx is Hypo Yang. The platform supports 700+ cryptocurrencies, allows you to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat money, supports spot, futures, margin trading, crypto exchange and more.
    Is CoinEx safe?
    CoinEx supports wide range of security features: two-factor authentication (2FA), anti-phishing code, IP-address monitoring, multi-signature and more. Since it been opened, Coinex has not never been hacked.
    How to trade on CoinEx?
    To buy/sell cryptocurrency on the CoinEx spot market:

    1. Select the Exchange tab;
    2. Specify a trading pair, for example, ETH/USDT;
    3. Specify order type and amount;
    4. Click Buy ETH if you are buying a coin, or Sell ETH if you are selling one.

    How to make a deposit on the CoinEx exchange?
    You can fund your account on the exchange in cryptocurrencies only. For this:

    1. Select Assets → Deposit in your account;
    2. Select the coin for replenishing (for example, USDT);
    3. Specify the transaction network (e.g. TRC20). Make sure that the networks in the wallet and on the exchange match, otherwise you will lose funds;
    4. The system will show you address for coins transfer: copy it and paste into the corresponding field in the wallet;
    5. Check funds received.

    How to buy on CoinEx?
    To buy cryptocurrency on CoinEx:

    1. Create and verify your account;
    2. Top up your account;
    3. Open spot trading;
    4. Select trading pair (for example, ADA/USDT), specify order type and amount;
    5. Click Buy ADA.

    Is CoinEx legal?
    In November 2019, CoinEx received a Cryptocurrency License in accordance with the Estonian law system.

    In December 2021, the platform was licensed by MSB USA (registration number: 31000205450387).

    The US MSB license is a controlled economic license issued by the Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a US Treasury Department company. It mainly controls organizations related to financial solutions, including trading in digital and virtual currencies, etc. The MSB license has strict verification procedures. With this license, CoinEx Exchange is authorized to carry out legal and compliant cryptocurrency trading.

    How can I withdraw money from CoinEx?
    To withdraw cryptocurrencies from CoinEx to a crypto wallet:

    1. Open your exchange account and select Assets→ Withdraw;
    2. Select coin (e.g. USDT) and network (the network must match the receiving wallet network);
    3. Select USDT in the wallet and click Receive;
    4. Copy the address on the exchange;
    5. Paste copied address in Address field on the exchange, specify the withdrawal amount and click Withdraw;
    6. Check funds received.


    CoinEx is a stable, secure and fast cryptocurrency exchange offering a large number of trading assets and is available to clients from all over the world.

    Some of the site’s features include:

    • A huge list of cryptocurrencies: CoinEx offers a wide range of different coins for trading (700+);
    • Commission discounts: VIP status and usage of CoinEx Native Token (CET) provide users with trading commission discounts;
    • High Security: CoinEx claims to have 100% reserves and that client and operational funds are segregated. This means that client funds are always available for withdrawal and cannot be used for any other purpose (such as financing the company’s operations). The platform implements extended SSL protocols, multi-signature cold wallets and supports two-factor authentication;
    • No KYC required: All you need to get started is an email address and a strong password, and two-factor authentication enabled. But if you want to increase your daily withdrawal limit from $10K to $1M, you need to pass KYC verification;
    • Help Center, Tutorial Videos and Support: Users are provided with detailed guides on how to use the trading platform. If you can’t find the answer you need, you can contact support directly.
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