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Data updated 6/2/2023

    AVAX is the native currency of Avalanche platform, created to develop the “Internet of Finance” concept. With its help, you can create and configure multifunctional blockchains, run various DeFi-applications and corporate networks.

    The Avalanche network is high throughput, scalable, and attack resistant. experts have prepared step-by-step instructions for buying AVAX on the exchange, as well as tips on storing and withdrawing coins.

    What is Avalanche

    AVAX is the native coin of Avalanche network. In the crypto community, it is often referred to as “a copy of Ethereum”. However, Avalanche is better than Ethereum in some options.

    The unique consensus protocol used in Avalanche is a kind of breakthrough in the history of the development of the crypto market. It is called the Avalanche Consensus Protocol and is based on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm. Thanks to this innovation, the Avalanche can provide security, decentralization and scalability, while most blockchains have problems with scalability and network congestion.

    AVAX coins are used to pay fees on the platform. Users can also stake AVAX for passive income (so called cryptocurrencies staking). The AVAX coin is also a speculative instrument that is traded on many crypto exchanges.

    AVAX maximum supply is limited to 720 million coins.

    Where to buy Avalanche

    The Avalanche cryptocurrency is available for purchase on various services: exchanges, through payment systems or banks like Revolut. The best choice is to use a cryptocurrency exchange, and here’s why:

    • There is the best currency rate on the exchange;
    • High liquidity;
    • Wide selection of payment methods (bank transfers, cards, e-wallets, etc.);
    • An option to buy cryptocurrency for fiat (dollars, euros, etc.);
    • High security.

    There is an instruction on how to buy AVAX on a cryptocurrency exchange provided below. For demonstration purpose we will buy AVAX on Binance exchange (a leader in trading volume in the world).

    AVAX buying instructions

    Cryptocurrency exchange is the best way to buy AVAX (and other digital assets). Below you will find a step-by-step buying guide consisting of 5 steps.

    Decide on the risk level

    Determine the level of risk you are willing to take. The crypto market is difficult to predict due to excessive volatility. Therefore, no one is safe from loss. However, following simple rules will help to reduce risks: do not invest more than you can afford to lose, do not invest the entire amount in one asset and so on.

    Choose a crypto exchange

    It is easy for user to get lost in a large number of trading platforms, especially if he is just starting to work with cryptocurrency. So you should choose crypto exchanges that offer:

    • Clear and user-friendly interface;
    • A lot of trading pairs;
    • Low fees;
    • Effective trading terminal;
    • Advanced security settings.

    When choosing a trading platform, it is also important to read other users reviews.

    Here is the list of the best exchanges to buy AVAX:

    BTC trading volume, 24h
    BTC trading volume, 24h
    BTC trading volume, 24h
    BTC trading volume, 24h
    BTC trading volume, 24h
    BTC trading volume, 24h

    Register the account

    Binance exchange – editors’ choice to buy AVAX. It offers following advantages: high liquidity, huge trading volumes, a variety of trading pairs including fiat pairs, additional opportunities to make profit on cryptocurrency, etc.

    We will show you how to make an account if you are a new user of the exchange. To register on Binance:

    1. Click Register on the official website;
      How to buy Avalanche AVAX
      Sign up on Binance
    2. Select your country of residence → click Confirm;
      Country of residence
      Country of residence
    3. Select account type: personal or business account);
    4. Enter other required information and click Next.
      Binance Registration Form
      Binance registration form

    After that, you will need to verify your email address and phone number by linking it to your account.

    Read more in full overview of Binance on our site.

    Top up your account

    The currency for funding should be chosen based on what currency pair AVAX is traded with on the selected exchange. On Binance the coin is traded in pairs with BTC, ETH, USDT, BUSD, BNB, as well as fiat currencies of EUR, TRY, BLR, AUD, GBP.

    To top up your account with a cryptocurrency (for example, USDT):

    1. Select Wallet → Fiat and Spot;
    2. Click on Deposit and specify currency for depositing (in our case it’s USDT);
    3. Click Deposit on the contrary of currency name;
      USDT deposit
      USDT depositing
    4. Specify the network (for example, TRX Tron) in the next window. Make sure you have selected the same network as one in the wallet you are withdrawing coins from otherwise the funds will be lost;
    5. Copy address for USDT transfer on the Tron network and paste it into the wallet from which you will transfer coins;
    6. Send coins from wallet to exchange;
      USDT deposit address
      USDT deposit address
    7. Wait while coins will be transferred to your account.

    Buy Avalanche (AVAX)

    Once USDT is displayed in an exchange wallet, it can be used to buy AVAX. Let’s create an order to buy AVAX:

    1. Select Trade → Spot tab;
      Binance Spot Market
      Binance spot market
    2. Type AVAX in the search bar of the trading terminal and choose AVAX/USDT from list;
      AVAX/USDT Trading Pair
      AVAX/USDT trading pair
    3. Create an AVAX buy order: specify order type and amount;
    4. Click Buy AVAX.
      Buy AVAX on Binance
      Buying AVAX on Binance

    How to sell Avalanche

    The algorithm of actions for selling AVAX will be the same, but with one difference: you should fill out the selling form on the right and click Sell AVAX button.

    AVAX Selling on Binance
    AVAX selling on Binance

    Where to store AVAX

    To understand what is the best place to store AVAX, determine your goals.

    If you need coins for active trading, then hot storage will provide quick and easy access to them (due to constant network connection). When using this type of wallet, it is important not to neglect basic security measures: create a strong password, activate two-factor authentication, and so on.

    If you're looking for a place to long-term store your coins, then cold wallet is a solid solution. It connects to the network only to conduct a transaction, thereby achieving a higher level of funds protection.

    To store AVAX, we recommend using the following wallets:

    • Trust Wallet, the official wallet of the Binance exchange;
    • Atomic Wallet, non-custodial decentralized wallet supporting 500+ currencies;
    • Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S multi-currency hardware wallets provide maximum security.

    How to withdraw Avalanche to my wallet?

    If you need to withdraw AVAX from Binance, we recommend using the exchange’s wallet – Trust Wallet.

    To make a transfer from the exchange to the wallet:

    1. Go to Binance and select Wallet → Fiat and Spot in your account;
      Binance User Wallet
      Binance user’s wallet
    2. Select AVAX and click Withdraw in the list of coins available for withdrawal;
      AVAX output
      AVAX withdraw
    3. Specify the transaction network. Make sure you choose the same network as on in the wallet you are withdrawing coins from, otherwise the funds will be lost;
    4. Insert Trust Wallet address in the Address field. To do this, go to the application on your mobile device (here is a download link);
      Network selection and address field
      Network selection and address field
    5. Click Receive in the Trust Wallet app;
      How to withdraw AVAX to Trust Wallet : step 1
      How to withdraw AVAX to Trust Wallet: step 1
    6. Enter AVAX in the search bar and specify the network to transfer;
      How to withdraw AVAX to Trust Wallet : step 2
      How to withdraw AVAX to Trust Wallet: step 2
    7. Copy the unique address for receiving coins and paste it in Address field on Binance.
      How to withdraw AVAX to Trust Wallet : step 3
      How to withdraw AVAX to Trust Wallet: step 3


    What is Avalanche?
    Avalanche cryptocurrency (ticker AVAX) is the native currency of the Avalanche blockchain platform, one of the fastest, scalable and most secure on the market.
    How to buy Avalanche?
    Step-by-step guide to buying AVAX consists of 5 steps:

    1. Top up your exchange account;
    2. Go to the trading terminal;
    3. Select a trading pair;
    4. Create buy order by specifying the order type and other details;
    5. Buy AVAX.

    Where can I buy Avalanche?
    You can buy Avalanche on crypto exchanges (at the best rates), through payment systems or banks like Revolut. We recommend using exchanges as they offer the best rates, high liquidity, a wide range of payment methods and so on. Using the following exchanges is a good choice: Binance, OKX, Bybit.
    When is the best time to buy Avalanche?
    Competent fundamental and technical analysis will help identify best moments for buying AVAX. If such type of analisys is difficult for you, then rely on the opinions of analysts and more experienced traders.
    Should I buy Avalanche?
    Avalanche is a promising cryptocurrency. The developers of the project sought to solve the main problem of most blockchains - limited scalability. Avalanche aims to compete with Ethereum by offering users a fast, secure and scalable blockchain platform. High transaction speed also reduces fees because fewer resources are used. Remember about the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies, including promising coins like AVAX.
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